Vampires In The News - iDrakula

The classic vampire story that started it all gets new life for a generation of connected teens.

Vampires In The News - iDrakula

Talented author Bekka Black recently dropped us a note to give us a little update on how well her new book iDrakula is doing.

Just to let our Vampire Empire friends know, Bekka stated, "My novel, IDRAKULA, is a modern re-telling of the classic horror story via electronic media such as text messaging, e-mail, etc.. and has been released as a print book and an iPhone app.

It's been getting amazing press, including
stellar reviews from the New York Journal of Books, San Francisco Chronicle, Booklist, Kirkus, Huffington Post, among others, as well as being the number one must downloaded book in the app store."

How cool is that?

About the Book

When Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published in 1897, it was revolutionary in both its content and format. Composed of journal entries and letters written by several narrators who also serve as the novel's protagonists, Stoker supplemented the story with ship’s logs and newspaper clippings to relate events not directly witnessed by the story's characters.

With iDrakula, author Bekka Black has given Bram Stoker’s classic vampire story a new life for a generation of connected teens. This compilation of text messages, emails and websites—laid out as images on the pages—is just what a teen audience needs to understand the origins and experience of 19th century readers.

In this retelling, eighteen year old Jonathan Harker is diagnosed with a rare blood disorder after visiting a Romanian Count. His girlfriend Mina and a pre-med student named Van Helsing team up to investigate the source of the disease and quickly discover a horrifying truth: the Count is a vampire.

In addition to the print book, iDrakula is designed, from the ground up, to be experienced on a cell phone and so we’ve created an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch app which can not be classified as an eBook, an enhanced eBook, or even a vook… This application allows the user to intercept communications between the characters in real time, unfolding the story via text messages, emails and voice messages—appealing to the communication venues preferred by teens.

What Others Have Said:

"Bram Stoker's tale gets an innovative update in Bekka Black's iDrakula. While she remains true to the heart of the story, Black firmly places the characters in the 21st Century by tossing out Stoker's letters and journal entries in favor of text messages and emails. The modern presentation makes this a quick read but it doesn't suffer from a lack of depth. Black has maintained the complex relationships created by Stoker and given them her own spin. Everything fans love about the original Dracula is here but with a fresh coat of paint, and Black's bold writing style adds flair to an otherwise well-known classic. Fun, innovative, and more than a little twisted, iDrakula is a perfect for anyone -- young or young at heart -- looking for something new in the vampire world."

"There's been so much talk recently about the digitization of books, and how the experience of reading books is changing in the age of new media. If you're like me and never quite understood what was meant by all this, iDRAKULA is a perfect example of how technology can intersect with today's reading experience. An updated version of Bram Stoker's DRACULA, written for a teen audience, Black tells the classic story through a series of text messages, emails, and browser images. It's a completely fresh twist on an old story, and Black does a terrific job of blowing the dust off some of Stoker's characters. In iDRAK, for example, Mina Murray is no shy violet. Rather she's a jujitsu practicing, smart teen who sets about to solve the mystery of what mysterious illness is gripping her young friends. I was even more intrigued to learn that the original DRACULA was also a mixed media piece - told largely through letters and newspaper clippings. I found this to be a very entertaining and original read. I'm also told there's an iphone app version with voicemails from the character that go straight to your phone. Excited to check it out."

-end story Vampires In The News - iDrakula

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