Vampires In The News - The Dracula Assignment

Vampires In The News - The Dracula Assignment

Who is Dean Rusu? Dean is a writer/director with a European background and a film school education from Toronto, Canada. Why do we care? Because Dean is bringing us an awesome new Dracula Film and this makes us very happy!

The name of the film is “The Dracula Assignment.” The premise sounds very intriguing indeed.

Short Synopsis:

“Dan Michaelson is an American freelance journalist who receives an email message from a mysterious businessman asking for help in finding his daughter and her best friend. It is a potentially dangerous job in the shadows of the great medieval fortresses of Eastern Europe.

During Michaelson’s journey in the "The Dracula Assignment" he is investigating the girls' disappearance. They disappeared while taking a trip through Romania's countryside, where they were tracing Dracula's footsteps.

The path leads Michaelson from gothic night clubs in Bucharest to ancient villages surrounded by orchards and pastures, through primeval forests inhabited by the mythical bison, across rugged granite mountaintops, and inside the ruins of medieval castles rumored to be haunted.

Increasingly darker clues point towards the Transylvanian town of Sighisoara where Vlad the Impaler, the legendary ruler that inspired the Dracula novel, was born.”

YUM. We love a good Dracula intrigue.

Another cool think about this Dracula flick… You can also be part of the history of this independent film project. Simple, small donations from backers will actually get your name in the credits. Very cool! It works like this:

Pledge $10 or more
Inclusion in "Thank You" list as part of the end credits of the movie.

Pledge $20 or more
Inclusion in "Thank You" list and limited edition T-shirt with "The
Dracula Assignment" logo.

Pledge $100 or more
Inclusion in "Thank You" list, T-shirt, and autographed copy of DVD.

Pledge $250 or more
Inclusion in "Thank You" list, T-shirt, DVD, and autographed copy of screenplay

Pledge $500 or more
Inclusion in "Thank You" list, T-shirt, DVD, copy of screenplay, and a special location-by-location itinerary personally drawn by the director, based on his production journal, making it easy to visit any of the film's locations when traveling to Romania. Many of the movie's locations have been widely recognized for their picturesque qualities and historical value, and are on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Pledge $1,000 or more
All other rewards plus a personal phone call from the director answering any questions about the script, production, or editing of the movie.

Interested in learning more about the project? No problem! Here is more information regarding The Dracula Assignment.

This will be Rusu’s second feature film. We here at Vampire Empire sure do wish him the best of luck!

end story - Vampires In The News - The Dracula Assignment

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