Vampires In The News - Vampire Baby Names Increase

Vampires In The News - Vampire Baby Names Increase

I wonder if Stephenie Meyer ever realized just how much her writings would impact the planet. The Social Security Adminstration recently released it's annual report of the most popular baby names. Or, should I be saying 'vampire' baby names?


With Meyer's wildly popular vampire Twilight series holding reign as a phenomenom over the past couple of years, her books have actually influenced the most popular baby names of 2009.

Five hundred and fifty five couples named their baby boys 'Cullen,' according to the report, making it the biggest increase in any boy's name ever. Coincidence? I don't think so.

It jumped up an almost whopping 300 spots from it's 2008 place on the list bringing this vampire baby name to 485.

The MOST popular boys name of 2009 was 'Jacob.' Could a certain handsome werewolf have something to do with this? Now to be fair Jacob has been popular for the last 11 years. Just throwing it in as an interesting fun fact.

The most popular girls name of 2009... yep, you guessed it; Isabella. Or, as the lead love interest of the Twilight Saga is usually called, Bella. Bella by itself also showed an increase. Almost 22,000 new Isabella's arrived and nearly 21,000 Jacobs.

It will be interesting to see what other vampire baby names pop up as the saga continues to unfold.


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Vampires In The News - Vampire Baby Names Increase

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