Vampires In The News - Vampire Veneers

Vampires In The News - Vampire Veneers. Vampire Teeth installed by dentists. The future of vampire fangs?

The rumors have always been out there... somebody knows some guy somewhere that went to the dentist and had permanent vampire teeth installed.


We would all kind of go, 'Huh. That's kind of cool' all the while thinking, 'Who does that?'

Well the trend seems to be increasing in popularity and it's no longer some guy somewhere. Teenage and 20 something girls and boys are heading into their local dentist and getting Vampire Veneers.

The Twilight Saga movies are being accredited for this ever increasing phenom. I'm just not sure why. Every Twilight fan knows that the vampires DO NOT have fangs in this series. I know, I know... sad but true.

The veneers can cost $200 and up a set and are currently only being offered by a handful of dental professionals across the country.

"It's similar to the material that we use to bond braces on the teeth," Dr. Herzog, a Dallas based professional stated, "so it can be put on and taken off very easily with no damage to the teeth."

Taylor Wilkins, the 16 year old in the video clip says she was really excited to get her vampire teeth and they didn't hurt at all.

The vampire teeth are not permanent and only last for a few months. Plus, the procedure can be reversed at any time.

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