Vampires In The News - Vamplets Are Here



Vampires In The News - Vamplets Are Here


After Taking a Satisfying Bite (or Two) at Toy Fair in New York City, Vamplets Hope to Calm Their Cravings in Charlotte, NC.

Visitors to Carolina Place Mall can visit
the 2nd floor kiosk to meet Charlotte's newest collection of creepy friends.

Gavan Leatham of Charlotte, NC, a UNC Asheville graduate, has just opened Carolina Place Mall's newest kiosk featuring THE newly released Vamplets!

These ghoulish dolls were recently released at the Toy Fair in NYC. The Vamplets were introduced to close to 30,000 visitors at the event and were welcomed with rave reviews. Attendees at the show got to head over to the Vamplets booth to check out the new line of seemingly innocent adorable baby vampire plush, and... if they had the guts, they took one home with them for
just $15.95.

Vamplets are the vision of G Ra, a veteran conceptual designer who has created characters for Hasbro, Disney and other leading companies. The brand-new line was voted as one of the top 10 toy lines at the show by Toy Directory Monthly, and is now making its debut in Charlotte at the Carolina Place Mall.

Here's what some Toy Fair attendees had to say about the line:

We got to check out a new line of toys called Vamplets. These are vampire babies that are absolutely adorable; they even come with their own baby bottles of blood! They're giving out free Vamplets to anyone who donates blood this week, so tomorrow we're rolling up our sleeves and opening a vein to get our own cute vamp kids!
-- Fangoria Magazine NewsBlog February 2010

One of the first gems of Toy Fair I found was the Vamplets line of baby vampire plushes by artist G-Ra. There will soon be companion animals to go along with them. There's also a Disappearing Bottle of Blood accessory for the Vamplets for just $4.95. Vamplets set up a great cross-promotion with the Toy Fair: they had a second booth in the back where you could donate blood. We're really diggin' these cute/creepy plushes. They really are very cuddly and huggable, I can personally attest to that.
-- Tenacious Toys, February 2010

Oftentimes, you go into a show or convention and find something that completely surprises you in a good way. That award goes to the line of plush baby vampires named the Vamplets from Kamhi World. The extremely cute characters have a great story behind them and are cuddly.
-- Plastic and Plush, February 2010

"We're hoping that the Vamplets become the very next very latest thing.", February 2010

To anyone who watches TV, scours the best-seller list or goes to the movies lately, they quickly realize vampires are hot commodities. Actually, they always have been. From Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) to True Blood and Twilight (2009) the new breed of vampires are mystical and intriguing. Wrote one observer online, a modern day fascination with vampires is one that encourages creative thought, emotional processing, and a desire for good to preside over evil.

A strong collectible interest in this slightly dark and offbeat plush line of dolls is anticipated, especially among vampire enthusiasts. To add to the fun, Vamplet owners can go to the supporting website to print out 'Undead Certificates' and see animated versions of their Vamplets. The Vamplets, measuring 8.5" to 10" inches tall, will retail for an affordable $15.95 each.

Meet the first of six creepy, yet cuddly, Vamplets:

  • Cadaverson Nightshade
    Inventor, dreamer, dark tiny schemer. Building all night to create a big

  • Lily Rose Shadowlyn
    Black tiny roses & bats with pink noses. Sweet as a thorn the day she was

  • Count Vlad Von Gloom
    So cute but so cruel, descended from Drac. Blood is always his favorite snack!

  • Evilyn Nocturna
    Slightly mad and totally bad. You don't need a hunch, she'd prefer you for

  • Burton Creepson, Jr.
    Painting with blood, his fingers so red. He entertains all of the other

  • Midnight Mori
    A demon in diapers, bossy & restless. A fanatical leader you don't want to mess with!

When the adorable baby vampires get hungry, Vamplets owners will want the Disappearing Bottle of Blood on-hand to avoid turning into a snack. Filled with red 'blood' and capped with a black baby bottle nipple, this mysterious snack disappears as it's fed to the Vamplet. When it's tipped back upright, the blood returns.


As a UNC Asheville graduate with a degree in marketing, Gavan has been pounding the pavement since graduating in 2009 looking for the perfect job. Not being able to find the right fit in a new economic climate, Gavan set out to use his skills and sense of adventure to establish a business called WiGi (Want It, Get It) and opened a kiosk on the second level of Carolina Place Mall. Putting his marketing degree to work, Gavan decided that the line of Vamplets was exactly what Charlotte needed this holiday season.

Come and meet the Vamplets, if you dare, at the Carolina Place Mall. And say hello Gavan.

-- end Vampires In The News - Vamplets Are Here

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