Victim/iser? - A Vampire Short Story

by Alex Evers
(Oxford )

Welcome. I see you found your way into my humble dwelling and like many people who cross the threshold, I see you have many questions.

By entering this space; this sacred space, this humble shack, this dwelling of mine - you have consented of course to a decision. A choice. In this nature of choice in this world of ours, there is really no decision at all.

You already know what you are going to do. You see, there are opposing forces. Without femininity you could not have masculinity, and without kindness you could not have cruelty, and without darkness you certainly could not have light. Once you have taken a little sip of this splendid brew, your world will never look quite the same again. As I have explained to you, you do not really have a choice.

You seem a little reluctant - a little fearful - your expression has now changed. You seem almost in fear? That naughty word fear. The mind killer. Fear the anaesthetic of bravery, cowardice dactylic stick. You look like you could use some encouragement? Of course sometimes people make very silly decisions, do not be flustered. It is okay. Just a drizzle, a moment just across your buds. Do not fall asleep, I do so enjoy your company.

That was how I came to meet him. But for the time being we shall call him Sir.

He was tall, domineering. And with his height, he loomed over you as he spoke with protruding sockets and sharpened nose. ‘S’ stands for the sinister-ness that lingered behind his charcoal black eyes. ‘I’ is the innocence that he ripped from my soul. ‘R’? ‘R’, is for the regurgitation of life that has come to reside in me.

You must think me mad! Completely off my trolley. You think me crazy and that I have conjured this whole thing up! You see, I am not like you. No matter how I long for a breath of air or for the succulent taste of nourishment, I cannot have it. Wine, how it taunts me so with its aroma drawing my nose to perch upon its crescent lip. You are probably wondering who I am aren’t you? Or more to the point, what I am. That’s the thing that seems to fixate people; acquaintances, supper. For you see, I am not human. Nor am I a monster. Think of me as - an investor in life. I take one life in order to preserve my own.

Think of me as a twenty first century Dorian Grey - except that my immortality is not due to my age being flung upon a canvas. I have never really been alive at all. I spent a majority of my life - well so called life - parked at a fluorescent screen. Watching the world rather than experiencing it. My only companions were other wasters, plastered to a screen. Sorry, how rude of me to dwindle on, I am sure you have something to say.

You think you’re scaring me by cornering me? That’s how you get your kicks
isn’t it, scaring innocent women? As soon as you walked in through those doors, I knew you were trouble. Just pay me and get the hell out!

Innocent! You think you are innocent? Innocence is for the proud! Look at yourself. Scarcely covered in what might only be described as a rag at most. I did not come here for pleasures of the flesh, but purely for the flesh itself. Don’t struggle. Nuh uuhh don’t scream. Look at you, you’re trembling! Do I scare you now? Do I make your stomach churn? Your hair stand to attention? I can see it in your eyes as your pupils dilate, your heart rate is increasing.

Your palms are now becoming moist and your muscles are contracting. I can feel every drop of your scarlet nectar circulating through your body via the carotid artery. Mmm how the pulsation prickles my fingertips with every beat. I do not do this merely to taunt you, but it allows for a better rush of bloodflow to the incisions. This won’t be painful. The adrenaline within your system will subdue your pain. See? That wasn’t that bad was it? Don’t worry, it will all be over soon. You know, from this angle you almost seem seductive. Well, it was lovely to make your acquaintance. The pleasure was all mine.


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