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by Ville
(Kempele, FI)

You’ve got to watch True Blood and check this vampire series out! I’m going to tell you about the setting so you know what to expect. Anna Paquin is Sookie Stackhouse, a blond barmaid who's also telepathic. (Hell, in this series, why not?)

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Sookie's life revolves mostly around the following people:

Her brother Jason Stackhouse, a demented playboy who's defined by his sexual conquests but has a deflating fear of vampires.

Sookie's fiery best friend Tara, who's in love with Jason and Sookie's apparently innocuous boss Sam, who's in love with Sookie.

Before long, everyone's slept with, longed for or lusted after everyone else.

Sookie's life changes when dishy vampire Bill Compton (British actor Stephen Moyer, whose perfect vampire look and imperfect accent suggest he got the part only on account of his looks) starts wooing her in a glowering, coming-on-to-you way.

Whereas other vampires are insatiable sex machines, adventurous humans sleep with them for the ultimate thrill, their bars are wild goth/fetish joints, and their blood is sold by drug dealers as a sort of unpleasantly strong Viagra, Bill Compton is a quiet, principled, "yes, ma'am" sort of guy, who fought in the Civil War.

Their sappy romance, with Bill generally saving Sookie from the sweaty, screaming peril she's in at the end of most episodes, is the most sensible element of HBO True Blood series.

It doesn't hang together at all - although the vampires' outsider status leads to some vague stuff about discrimination, we don't linger on it - but it's got a wicked, weird David Lynch sense of humor, and every episode makes you want to watch True Blood and has something to leave you thinking, “What will they think of next”.

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Second Seaon
by: True Blood

I started out watching season 2 of True Blood on HBO. I then saw season 1 because of reruns. I won't give anything away, but suffice it to say seaon 2 kicks butt. You cannot prepare yourself for what season 2 brings. No disappointment here.

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