Where In This World Shall I Find A Soul

by Michael Randolph
(San Antonio, Texas)

Days are gone as nights deadly shade.
Covers my world in grey.
Darkness suffered in this great game.
Foretelling a world.
Littered with the decadent escapades of your mortal flesh.
Will you look into my long dead orbs?
Answer me this.
Where in this world shall I find a soul?

The pale moonlight
Impurely transpires to send this wraith abroad.
As I search the midnight hour,
For victims, for crimson oozing blood.
To sustain this long life.
Tell me those of mortal descent.
Will you welcome this soul within your domicile?

My needs are not too grand!
Pints not gallons with suffice.
Promises I will make with the makers of my demise.
Do not take from me these frail mighty thoughts.
You are destined to travel these roads.
Do not fight the hands of fate.
Journeys we shall take along the ways of the dead.
We as one.
Shall cover this world with our blight.
Come with me, despair not for your mortal life.
I ask you!
Where in this world shall I find a soul?

Through this pane of glass.
You beg for my articulate touch as you dream.
I know, I stare at your sleeping form.
My lust filled eyes wishing I could just touch.
Your lovely shadowed form silhouetted in the moonlight.
My heart aches for your blood as I see your stirring form.
Surrender to my needs this night!
Begin a new life, walk away from your frail mortal ways.
Your dreams speak to me of desires
Inspired as my presence beckons to you.
Wake up, unlatch this lock, welcome me into your home.
For I desire your lovely touch!

Your dreams simmer within this deadly night.
Grasping the air, seeking your rightful share.
Dance with me under the starlight.
Give up your blood, become one with my wraithlike form.
I have come, do not despair, welcome me into your house!
Stand with me under the pale moonlight.
Where in this world shall I find a soul?

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