Why I Love Interview With The Vampire

by Joseph

interview with the vampire

Why I Love Interview With The Vampire: My favorite vampire movie is 'Interview with the Vampire' directed by Neil Jordan. I am a horror movie lover I love to watch all horror and supernatural movies.

Vampire movies are one of my favorites and this is one I will never forget. The narration and scene sequences are awesome. The pictures are just beautiful.

Based on the popular Anne Rice novel published in 1976, it very well may be the best vampire movie ever made.

Not only is the screenplay excellent, but the script and casting were also well done.

Interview With The Vampire is about the story of a vampire named Louis and his relationships with the other vampires he has as companions.

Wait actually, let me step back a bit further than that. In 1791 the vampire Lestat finds a young man named Louis in a pub. Louis has lost his wife and daughter and has nothing else to live for when Lestat offers him eternal life and everlasting youth.

Louis agrees to be with Lestat because anything is better than the life he lives now, after all he was ready to take his own life.

Louis soon finds out however, that the vampire life is not for him. Lestat very much enjoys taking lives and feeding on other people. Louis does not enjoy this sort of thing and therefore starts feeding on the blood of rats and other animals to stay alive.

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He disapproves of nearly everything Lestat does. Lestat decides that he needs to create yet another companion so that Louis will not live miserably because of Lestat.

He chooses a young girl, by young I mean little, named Claudia. Claudia has just lost her mother and will relate to Louis because he too has lost important people.

Louis and Claudia get along well because they share another thing: hatred for Lestat. When Claudia ages but does not grow, she develops a hatred for Lestat. She will never grow out of her young body and therefore will never be taken seriously by anyone but Louis.

She plans to give Lestat dead blood and kill her own kind. Louis and Claudia journey to Paris and for the first time realize that there are other vampires out there.

They attend a vampire theatre show and it is there that Louis meets Santiago and Armand. Armand is Lestat's maker. He tried to get Louis to leave Claudia and be his companion. Louis will not, but Claudia realizes what Armand is after and asks Louis to make her a companion.

Louis finally agrees and only days later, Claudia and her companion are both killed by vampires from the theatre. They try to sentence Louis to eternal life in a box, but Armand saves him and gets what he wants by acting as the hero.

Like I said, the screenplay and script were excellent, but I think it was the actors who made Interview With The Vampire great.

Though there was much discussion about Tom Cruise being able to live up to playing the role of the vampire Lestat, he pulled it off magnificently partly because he wanted to show everyone that he didn't always have to play pretty boy parts or macho parts.

He proved that he could be just as dark and mysterious as anyone else who tried to play the part. He truly became his character as I think every actor in the film did.

Brad Pitt plays the role of Louis in Interview With The Vampire. He too becomes the character maybe even a little more than Tom Cruise did. There was never a doubt about him for Louis. He knows how to be the dark vampire with a soft side. His actions alone make him perfect.

These are some of the many reasons why I love Interview With The Vampire. If you haven't seen it yet, it is a must see. If you have seen it... now is a good time to watch it again!

Details... Director: Neil Jordon - Writers: Anne Rice - Cast: Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, Virginia McCollam, John McConnell, Tom Cruise Produced by: David Geffen, Redmond Morris, Stephen Woolley - Music By: Elliot Goldenthal

interview with the vampire

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