You Are Locked in Ma Heart!

by lakshmi



dedicated tu ma love :)

You Are Locked in Ma Heart!

Editor's Note:

Well, we received this great piece of art but the artist did not write anything about his (or her maybe?) artwork. I generally do not publish anything that just comes to me with a one sentence description as submitted above. However, in this case I just really like the pic.

The colors are vibrant. The image is great. The message is clear. So, after much deliberation, I decided to post it anyway just to share the artwork.

I am not sure it should have been submitted under vampire sketches as it looks more like a painting than a sketch and I am not sure on the vampire relationship.

I do think it would make a really awesome tattoo.

Next time, and this message is for any artist who would like to share their vampire inspired work here, please include a bio of you as the artist and something you'd like to say about the actual piece itself.

Maybe a little of how or why you created it. The type of work it is i.e. sketch, drawing, painting, charcoal, digital masterpiece, etc. Anything that can help my readers feel part of the process.

And thanks Lakshmi, it really is beautiful.

Vampire Empire Editor

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