Your Shadow Girl

by Avery Jones
(Bentonia, Mississippi, United States)

Perfections of the Shadows

Perfections of the Shadows

An inviting stranger glances my way from eyes of gold. For a moment it looks as if he has the very sun burning within them.

Something draws me to him. Pulling me as though there are strings attached, I have no choice. Fixated on you I walk forward aimlessly swaying.

Fear. Something... an emotion I know I should feel, but I dont. I dont feel anything... nothing except the impulse to run to you. I am captivated.

Your graceful movement as you step into the shadows that seem to branch from you... they consume you, invite me, and for a brief moment I swear I see wings. Dark and beautiful... darkness that I would gladly allow to take me over. Like if I had asked aloud they would surround me and make me feel safe.

Cloaked in darkness you give me a smile. I am lost in your eyes, and couldn't turn to run away if I had wanted to. I smile back. You take my hand and I lean forward. Not an inch between us stands. You pull me into you and kiss me softly. Intoxicated by the taste of your kiss... you see that I wont turn away. That I would let you have your way. Anything you wanted, I would give.... even my life.

Drunk and wanting, needing more. Just another taste. I lean in and kiss you again, ripping at the clothes that stand between you and me. I bite down easily and draw blood. You don't pull away. No anger in your eyes. You kiss me back and tell me lets go somewhere a little more private. I know I shouldnt but there is something about you... somthing compelling me. I let you take the lead.

We come to your appartment and I am on fire... feel as if eternity is passing by as I wait for you to open the door and pull me across the thresh hold. You silently push the door open and lead me in. A perfect gentleman. I hope theres something darker inside you. Hiding deep within. Soemthing that will rip into me and steal my soul.

You close the door and Im all over you. My dress drops around my feet. I rip your shirt to shreads trying to get it off faster. I want you. Your touch... your darkness.

You kiss down my neck and onto my collarbone. I breathe heavily. You whisper this is what I want... you can read my mind? I look into your eyes. I see my desire.

I pull your belt off while we kiss and back you into a wall. We trade places and now I am pinned. You have me completely and you smile at me because you know this.

I push you onto the bed and you smile in amusment. Laughing as you can tell I am a promising mate, if not slave.

You toss me over onto my back and kiss my neck feeling my mortal pulse just beneath my sunkissed skin. You kiss down my breast and my heart flutters.

I lightly claw you back and sides and you exhale deeply. I smile and your eyes change from that beautiful gold to crimson red. Red like the blood that flows through me. Still, fear does not rush throughout me.

You take me and bite my shoulder I moan in saticfaction as the blood flows like rivers down my back. You kiss and bite my neck just at the vein beneath my skin. Feed.... I am yours. As you feed I am breathing heavily in excitment... moaning in pure happiness. Your darkness, your sin it consumes me. And I gladly drown in this ecstacy.

I lose conscienceness and pass out. When I wake I still lie in your bed. You walk in from the night. Walking to the bed you sway gracefully.

You lie down next to me, kiss my forehead then my lips. I ask where I am and if this is where I belong; where I am to stay. You lean in and whisper, darling you are my slave... my love. You, if you wish to be, are my shadow girl.

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by: rosefatimazahoor

the image is toooooooooooooooooooooo much beautifull & detail is toooooooooooooooooooooooo much interesting

by: Anonymous


by: Alejandra

OMG!! Reading your poem left me speach less and inspired me to write more poems like yours. although mine can't even compare. It makes me happy to know there are people like you out there. lets me know i'm not alone.

by: suzzan

Mississippi seem to lend its self to vampires doesn,t it. Your story is both beautiful and exciting. I really loved it thought it was Great.

I love to comment
by: Lucas

Ah! another Mississippi vampire. Love the sensuality of your poem, it was pure passion.

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